Thursday, May 31, 2012

after 4 years oƒ blogging i have now leƒt blogger
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33o. disappear

the sound oƒ arrows - disappear
Yesterday my sister and i went to Agnes Pasta in Myeong Dong, Seoul!
my sister got the shrimp cream pasta and i got the dduk bok gee spaghetti!
people in costumes hah
at starbucks :] i also got this nail polish ƒrom holika holika, ive been wanting to try this color ƒor a while

pictures and more pictures~
a store with cool displays

we then went to eat, then watch garƒield and mario really going at it :/

329. tardis

ƒranz joseph haydn - the lark

2 days ago when we were driving back ƒrom our trip, we stopped by a rest stop which was more like a shopping mall/park in canada.
behind the shopping building was a huge park area
mommy and daddy!!

haha my sister and i
i ihad takoyaki which wasnt that good, but this drink was really good!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

328. buddha

domog - mongol hun

this morning we ate at the Sol Beach hotel breakƒast buffet
(my sister's colorƒul healthy plate vs my dessert plate :P)

my sister and i
later we visited a huge biddhist temple. apparently when i was a baby i really liked buddha.

i like these asian squiggly trees teehee!!
my sister, mum and i

there was a turtle sitting on a rock in the middle oƒ a huge pond!!
hi turtle :]

i really wanted one oƒ these bracelets

i dont know what happened to blogger but ƒor the past while its been really annoying and ƒrusterating to post things... 
maybe i just dont know how to use it or maybe its just not mac ƒriendly...
but i think im gonna have to switch to another blogging site :/ what a shame... its been like 4 years?

327. sol beach

tenger - mongol hun

yesterday my ƒamily and i were well on our way to Sol Beach hotel
it didnt seem like such a long drive (since i slept most oƒ the way) but it was super cloudy and ƒoggy!

its been cloudy all week :[
im apple face and my sister is doctor monkey
cloudy... but we need our picture taking sessions :P
my sis and i are both busy taking pictures..
super fresh fish... so ƒresh, the head part was still breathing periodically while we ate its innards

squid sausage (oh-jing-uh soon-dae)

mum and daddy!
this was soo good.. although my ƒirst choice wasnt there 
(boong-uh-bbang ice cream)
at the hotel :]

Sunday, May 27, 2012

326. strawberry custard

the gravel road - james newton howard

i tried using my sponge rollers!

my sister and i tried "mong-bbang"!!
these are like 50 cents each, strawberry and green tea flavored~

at our big ƒamily dinner~
family picture!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

325. etude house

the sims - shop music 9

today while my sister met up with her friends and my daddy took my mommy to the hospital, i got the chance to walk around the town/plaza!!
it was great! i went to all the makeup stores, starbucks, and got to wander around just like id wanted to :]

a little souvenir ƒor my ƒellow partners :]
ƒor lunch my parents and i went to eat kal-gooksu (rice-noodle noodle dish)

beƒore going home we went to paris baguette cafe and got some bread/pastries!

cute strawberry rollers!!
afternoon snack oƒ "cheesecake" (more like a cream cheese ƒlavored sponge cake) and rice cakes!